Hidden gems #13

XIII. Let’s face heaven and hell


Many waterfalls will be visited during this trip but also there is a chance to see the hell. The starting point for today is Josefův Důl, as you may remember, Josefův Důl is well-known for its large potable water reservoir with a 700-meter long dam. From the railway station, the blue marked track is curving to Lesní Brána, the entrance to the natural reservation. Not far from there the water drops of the Jedlová river are refreshing the air in the form of the first waterfall. The river is traced by the track and every tourist will contort his face in wonder when the Dolní vodopád (Lower waterfall) is seen. Later on, you will see Pekelný vodopád (Waterfall of hell) and magnificent waterfalls Jedlová. Furthermore, it is time to continue, have a nice walk back either the same or take Mořská cesta (See track) back to Josefův Důl. Around the train station follow the yellow marked track and notice the Historical museum or the church Proměnění Páně nearby. To get to hell one needs to look for the Naučná stezka G. Leuta that leads to the viewpoint called Čertovy kameny (Devil’s rocks). If you have enough of hell, it is time to approach heaven now. All you need to do is to walk further on to the restaurant called V Nebi (In heaven). The final stop will be Červený vodopád (Red waterfall) and then our steps continue back to the train station. 


Map with the route here



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