Hidden gems #8

22. 3. 2021

VII. Kotel the place full of surprises

The eight of Hidden gems is located near the town Osečná. From the bus station in Osečná, there is a yellow marked track that leads to a little village called Kotel. After several metres, there is a unique statue of the Holy Trinity designed by Matyáš Braun. Matyáš Braun was a famous sculptor in the late baroque era, his best work includes the Vision of St. Luthgard on Charles Bridge, statues in the Prague Castle area or statues located in Kuks Castle and Konopiště Castle. The area around Kotel is well-known for the basalt substrate inserted in sandstones. If you are interested in geology, or in legends then the Čertova zeď (Devil’s wall) might be an interesting place to visit. Čertova zeď used to be approximately 12 kilometres long naturally developed wall, however, due to the previous exploit in the past, it is a much smaller complex nowadays. The biggest parts worth seeing are Čertův stolec or Čertova hlava. If you set off on a journey back to Kotel, you will see the massive old linden standing in the middle of Kotel. Watch out, you might see Ještěd, the hyperboloid-shaped hotel on the top of a hill, one of the dominants of the Liberec region. Finally, you can notice the famous pilgrim’s road leading through this region to Santiago de Compostela


Map with the route is here

Čertova zeď