We’re changing plans. WOC Tour in 2022

Based on the epidemic situation and measures not only in the Czech Republic, but also around the World, we are forced to make changes that we regret. But you will not lose anything. On the contrary the number of planned events increased.

Our plans and visions were huge but unfortunately we already know that we will have to change a number of things. So what are we preparing? The three-year project which includes the following events:

July 3 – 9, 2021 World Orienteering Championships

July 11 – 17, 2022 WOC Tour (postponed from 2021)

holidays 2023 candidacy – Orienteering World Cup (in terrains of canceled Euromeeting)








In addition as part of this project, we will organize events for the public Běhej s mapou (Run with a map) and for schools, as was planned for autumn 2020 and spring 2021.


Why won’t there be a WOC Tour this year?

Although the pandemic situation in the Czech Republic appears to be stabilized, based on the plan of the Government of the Czech Republic, a discussion with the Hygiene Station of the Liberec Region and other important partners, the situation is unpredictable. Until the end of June we will know if we will be able to organize competitions for 200, 500 or more participants. As WOC Tour is not a regular “holiday race”, everything needs to be planned well in advance – buses, accommodation, refreshment, hundreds of volunteers, permits. Foreign competitors must plan tickets or other means of transport. Unfortunately, this cannot be processed 14 days in advance. The condition of participation which may be different from the schedule (the condition of participation in the competitions could be a PCR test or a at least Antigen test). We want to offer everyone the experience of the “full version” so the next year we expect that everything will go smoothly and without any compromise.


How about applications and payments?

All applications for 2021 will be canceled and payments will be refunded as of May 15 as follows:

Payments within the Czech Republic in CZK: to the account from which the payment came at the earliest after 15 May. If the club / individual wants refund to another account or proceed a refund within more payments, they may contact tour@woc2021.cz by 15 May.

Payments from abroad – All foreign competitors will be contacted from organisers for up-to-date account number for refund.



What about already booked accommodation from the organizers?

If you have booked accommodation from the organizers in Poslův Mlýn then it will be canceled. However, because the capacity is booked more than two years already and we still believe in possibility of spectators in arenas we offer accomodation for individual stay or training camps. The conditions bellow are guaranteed only until May 9 via e-mail: camping.accommodation@woc2021.cz

tent 700 CZK / person / stay

cottages 1400 CZK / person / stay

building 2100 CZK / person / stay

apartment 2800 CZK / person / stay

motor homes 700 CZK / person / stay (without electricity, water connection)


Will spectators be able to enter the WOC 2021 arena?

We believe so. During June we will launch a booking system and set the capacity of WOC arenas according to current restrictions and measures. Follow the WOC and WOC Tour pages and social media to have the newest information.


Will WOC 2021 live anyway?

We believe, it will. We are preparing a set of things in an online environment – mobile applications, we will boost social media from behind the scenes. Daily videos and reports, live TV,  IOF streams and more. At the same time everyone will be able to order a special fan package right home. We still believe that the opportunity to “be present” is still possible.


When will you publish more information about 2022?

The race will take place on July 11-17, 2022 in Doksy with similar schemes as planned 2021 – 6 stages, of which the 5 best will be counted. You will get to the unique spaces of the WOC, 4 stages will be in the beautiful sandstones terrains. An updated schedule will be published during September 2021.


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