Hidden gems #11

XI. From Libverda to Cats rocks

Lázně Libverda, the starting point for this trip is a well-known city that is wedged between Hejnice and Nové Město pod Smrkem. The city Lázně Libverda has earned popularity for its curative effects. There are many spring fountains surrounded by people consuming the curative mineral water. According to the legend, there was a famous Hajníkův kohout (the cock) in the past. Suddenly, the cock started to gain weight. Then his owner found out that the reason was the mineral spring located nearby in the swamps. The cock had a long life and it is said that he died at the age of 100 years. The locals then started to consume the curative water and established the city Lázně Libverda there. That was the legend, then the trip continues and we will follow the red marked track until in the middle of the woods Hubertka, the tourist cottage appears. From there it is close to Kočičí kameny (Cats rocks) with a wonderful viewpoint. In case adrenalin is your superpower, do not hesitate and try the 70 metres long ferrata nearby. Furthermore, the track leads around Bartlova bouda where it is possible to rest and buy a snack. Finally, to get to the final destination for today we will follow the yellow marked track to get to Hejnice. If you are visiting Hejnice, do not forget to visit its magnificent Balisilica Navštívení Panny Marie.



Map with the route is here


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