Hidden gems #7

VII. What is the process behind the butter?

The seventh of Hidden gems offers a unique opportunity to dig into the past a bit, lets visit a Minimuseum today and feel the history! In case you are interested in traditional ancient handcraft, make sure to visit Minimuzeum másla a chleba (Minimuseum of butter and bread). The Minimuzeum is situated near Chrastava, you can get there by train easily but to access the exhibition it is necessary to do a reservation there. The exhibition demonstrates the process of butter, quark or cheese making, various cream makers, knives or untranslatable equipment like klapačka. Moreover, you can to test and smell all of this on your own. Then nearby in a city called Bílý Kostel, there is a great spot for ice cream. Approved! To get back to Chrastava, you will follow a road called Odra-Nisa. Finally, if you are a big fond of museums, there is another one. Hasičské muzeum. You can find unusual exponents within the vast exhibition for instance a helmet worn by Thomas Coleman who saved human lives on 11.9.2011 in New York.

Map with the route is here





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