Hidden gems #2

II. With the sleeping maid to the Braniborská jeskyně 

The second of the Hidden gems is connected to a town Provodín that is about 10 km far from Doksy, the event centre. Provodín is also well-known for its traditional glass production. Consequently, about 10 km far, there is Jestřebí, another town popular for ancient ruins of a castle (see the picture). This castle was built in 13. century in the middle of swamps but nowadays it is surrounded more or less by houses and meadows. By following this track you should not miss the Braniborská jeskyně. The so-called cave used to be a hiding place in the war era. Furthermore, you can visit Provodínské kameny, that is nicknamed as a Sleeping maid. Use your imagination and try to identify her face between the rocks and enjoy the view from there.

Map with the route is here


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