Hidden gems #9

IX. To rocky viewpoints and unknown views on Liberec

The ninth of Hidden gems is located in Liberec. Liberec is a beautiful city where one can get either to the mountains or to the city centre in a while. Although Liberec is well-known for Ještěd, the dominant hill above the city with the famous hyperboloid shaped hotel on top, we will show you different dominants this time. Our tour starts in Lidové sady, the endstation of trams. The first stop will be Liberecká Výšina. This place was originally a restaurant with a 25 meters high tower built in 1901 by Liebig’s family. Nowadays, tourists can find refreshment in a restaurant there, enjoy the view from the tower or book accommodation there. Close to this area, there are several sandstones, the biggest one is called Kovadlina (Anvil). If you follow the yellow marked track, you will walk along Mlynářův kříž before you get to Jezdec (Rider), the ruins of an ancient castle with the viewpoint. Another picturesque point is called Dračí vrch (Hill of the dragon). In case one gets hungry, there is a great restaurant called U Dobráka. For further walk we recommend you visit a church U Obrázku situated in Ruprechtice. Hold your horses, there is another piece of advice. For those of you keen on swimming, you should visit Lesní koupaliště to get some swim there.


Map with the route is here


Dračí vrch


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