8. 3. 2021

Hidden gems #6

VI. Tour to visit elephants in Lužické hory The track of the sixth of Hidden gems is hidden in Lužické hory. Our trip starts in Rynoltice (about 40 km far from Doksy), if you continue on foot there is another small village called Polesí. A couple of metres east there […]

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1. 3. 2021

Hidden gems #5

V. Sandstones around Hradčany The fifth of Hidden gems will be surrounded by sandstones, smells like forests and all of the natural beauty is waiting there around. Our trip today starts about 10 km far from Doksy (event centre) in Hradčany, by the pond. In case you are going to […]

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22. 2. 2021

Hidden gems #4

IV. Get ready for Czech Mount Everest- Ralsko!  The fourth of Hidden gems will test your physical condition. From the starting point in the town Mimoň you will get to Vranovské skály (rocks) this area is well known among climbers. If you walk further you will reach a picturesque viewpoint called […]

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15. 2. 2021

Hidden gems #3

III. Tour to visit Brtník, the bear of the zámek Zákupy The location of the third of Hidden gems, Zákupy, is about 10 kilometres far from Česká Lípa. In case it is your first time there, we recommend you to visit zámek Zákupy (the Castle). It was built in the […]

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8. 2. 2021

Hidden gems #2

II. With the sleeping maid to the Braniborská jeskyně  The second of the Hidden gems is connected to a town Provodín that is about 10 km far from Doksy, the event centre. Provodín is also well-known for its traditional glass production. Consequently, about 10 km far, there is Jestřebí, another town […]

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1. 2. 2021

Hidden gems #1

Hidden gems In cooperation with Liberecký kraj we would like to present the new serial called the Hidden gems of Liberec region. Our region is full of unique and magnificent places that might be unknown even for the locals. We believe that it will be useful for your spare time […]

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10. 11. 2020

During the WOC Tour we recommend transport by bus

During the WOC Tour we recommend transport by bus 🚌. You can book bus transport together with WOC Tour entry or later separetely, but when you do it you will help us secure the capacity. 👉Transport by bus can be easily ordered in the ORIS system. 👉You will get closer […]

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9. 11. 2020

The second wave of entries to the WOC Tour

The second wave of applications for the WOC Tour will start on Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 8:00 PM. The capacity will be increased by 1000 competitors. Registration will take place again via ORIS as in the first wave, it is still possible to register only for all stages. If […]

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