Hidden gems #15

XV. Romantic tour Palackého stezkou

The starting point for our trip is railway station Jesenný. Together we will follow the river Kamenice and continue to the village named Bozkov. You can enjoy the view from the tower of the church – kostel Navštívení Panny Marie.  Nearby, there are unique caves called Bozkovské jeskyně, make sure to get ready for a cold cool atmosphere there. The inner temperature drops approximately to 8°Celsius. Besides, there is also an underground lake, the biggest underground lake in the Czech Republic! Furthermore, if you explore the valley with Palackého stezkou (road) around Kamenice, you can notice a small hydroelectric power station with ancient turbines. Finally, there is a great chance to discover hrad Navarov, the castle, or the palace –  Navarovský zámek.



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