Hidden gems #4

IV. Get ready for Czech Mount Everest- Ralsko! 

The fourth of Hidden gems will test your physical condition. From the starting point in the town Mimoň you will get to Vranovské skály (rocks) this area is well known among climbers. If you walk further you will reach a picturesque viewpoint called Juliina vyhlídka. Sit there for a while and “kochej se” (well-known activity among Czechs, meaning something like to enjoy the view in a peaceful and dramatic way). In case you are fond of horseback riding, the ideal plan for you might be to visit Pavlin dvůr and go horse-back riding. However, our main goal for today is to conquer Ralsko, the peak of a volcanic hill with a breathtaking view. To be honest, the track is not easy,  get ready for a long walk climbing this steep hill but you will certainly feel the passion when you finally reach the top like Edmund Hillary on Mount Everest. Moreover, there used to be a castle whose history is covered with legends, you can see the ruins of two towers and around the courtyard. The only thing that is missing, to refresh yourself visit Zmrzlinárna Ralsko that is nearby and choose one of many delicious flavours of ice cream.


Map with the route is here

Český Mount Everest


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