Sustainable WOC

As organizers of significant sporting event, we have made a commitment to hold a high quality orienteering competition hosting great performances of orienteering athletes from all over the world. However, our vision is to prepare not only demanding courses in extraordinary terrains accompanied by unforgettable atmosphere, but also races we will remember as those that left more significant footprint in our hearts than in the nature.

Nature is essential part of orienteering. Some of us see the time spent in the nature just as a nice benefit of our sport, for others it is the main reason why we are engaged in it. Whatever group we belong to, we all tend to talk about nature as something we like, something what is beautiful and something what matters. Unfortunately, our nature is not having a great time these days. Climate change, extreme air pollution, waste of natural resources, devastation of wild nature. Abstract terms, however with tangible consequences. It is hard to admit, but we all are part of it.

Naturally, we don’t want to abandon what makes us happy and what we live for. However, when people get together to have a good time, they usually put a strain on local resources and create significant waste. Therefore, we have decided to take a little bit different path this time and arrange environmentally friendly World Championship with the least impact on the nature and environment possible. Waste management, use of resources, transportation, catering or administration are just a few examples of areas we will focus on.

We are convinced that also big sports event such as WOC can be arranged in sustainable way without causing severe damages to local ecosystems and environment in general. On top of that, responsible consumption and thoughtful use of resources might help us to cut unnecessary costs.

We aim to set a good example of sustainable orienteering event that could be inspiring beyond this WOC – to runners, clubs, national federations or anyone who truly cares about nature. There is a lot of hard work ahead of us and we will do our best to put plentiful ideas into practise. If everything we plan turns out well, we would like to create a sustainable orienteering event handbook useful for everyone interested in arranging such an event with respect to nature and environment. Keep your fingers crossed!


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