Unique terrains.

Experience WOC 2021. 

Cheer for the athletes, explore the surroundings.

Sustainable WOC.

Courses for the whole family, for elite runners as well as for newcomers.

WOC Tour village.



Saturday 3rd –  Saturday 10th July 2021


Event Center

Poslův Mlýn, Doksy



Day Date WOC Tour Program WOC
Program Program
Saturday July, 3rd arrival, training Individual Sprint Q,Individual sprint
Sunday July, 4th E1 –Shortened Long Mixed Relay, Opening ceremony
Monday July, 5th E2 – Long Free day
Tuesday July, 6th E3 – Middle Middle Q, Middle F
Wednesday July, 7th E4 – Sprint Free day
Thursday July, 8th E5 – Long Relay
Friday July, 9th E6 – Middle Long 
Saturday July, 10th departure departure

Unique Terrains

Explore the most beautiful parts of Czechia! Enjoy the sandstone rocks on one hand and the demanding mountain ranges of the Jizerské hory mountains on the other. On top you will experience beautiful terrains of the Doksy surroundings and one sprint. 


Experience WOC 2021

Join THE Orienteering week! In the morning, race on your own, in the afternoon, cheer for the top athletes! We Are pleased to give you the opportunity to experience both. What is more, you will compete in most of the terrains used also for the WOC competitions. 


Great locality

Doksy is one of the most favorite holiday destinations in Czechia. It offers a wide variety of activities. Relax by the Mácha Lake, evening disco, beautiful landscape and walks in the surroundings, a variety of restaurants…


Explore the surroundings

Mácha Lake and the castle of Bezděz are the best well-known tourist destinations in the area close to Doksy. However, the region of Northern Bohemia offers much more. If you are done with orienteering, explore the castle of Kokořín, the ruin of Zvířetice, swim in the “sea” of Jablonec, visit the sandstone rock town Hruboskalsko or enjoy the famous ice-cream in Stráž pod Ralskem. 


Courses for the whole family as well as newcomers

Anyone can choose a suitable course – whether you are completely new to orienteering, a family with children or one of the most experienced masters.


Sustainable Tour

Sustainable WOC means also a sustainable Tour. Please, minimize your waste, use reusable products, use the service of shuttle buses to get to the stages. The organizers will be ready to help. 


Up-to-date event

Leave your cash at home and rely on your mobile phone or credit card. It will be possible to pay by card at all places related to WOC. Results as well as start lists will be available in the WOC app that also aspires to inspire you on the places to visit or the opportunities for refreshment. 


Five out of six

The final ranking of Tour will be calculated out of your 5 best results. Don´t you like sprints? Do you want to spend your day on a trip? Or maybe you missed a control in one of your races? One stage will not be calculated into the final results so you can stay calm and enjoy the day even if your race just didn´t go well and still you can win the whole Tour. 


First Class Courses

The courses are set by the most experienced course setters from the region. The courses will be worked on for a year and designed to deliver the best of the terrains.


WOC Tour village

The campsite of Poslův Mlýn in Doksy will be dedicated only to orienteers! All in one place – accommodation, accompanying program and catering. 


Joint ceremonies

Once you win the stage or the whole WOC Tour, you will get the applaus from the World Champ, too. The ceremonies of WOC Tour will be held together with the WOC medal ceremonies.



We have a limited number of entries and we would like to give the opportunity to everyone to register. The first wave of entries will be accepted since September 15th 2020, 20:00 CET and the limit will be 1 500 entries. The next wave will be announced later and the registrations will be during November 2020. 



You can book your accommodation anywhere according to your needs. However, we would like to encourage you to join the WOC Tour village – no matter if you plan to use a tent, rent a cabin or come in a caravan. We aim to make this place your best choice!